Pay day – a new pay day game that provides many unforgettable gaming experiences. A game that has many interesting symbols and wins that gamers can achieve. Novomatic presents an exciting game that has fruit symbols and various types of signs that gamers can get.

This game that has 5 reels and 3 rows also has a way to win. The type of game that has a high level so gamers can get a lot of winning coins. There are 30 ways to get an unexpected victory. To be able to play the game, you can play Pay Day games via computers and cellphones.

Game symbols

Warriors-wizards – By playing games through computers and cellphones, gamers can play easily without having to be complicated. The value of the bet that can be obtained by gamers can be as much as four thousand times the value of the bet that can be obtained by gamers. There are many game symbols that you can get from payday, namely: number 7, bars, payday coins, cherries, and bonus games.

Playing the pay day game is a hockey game. A game that will tell you about your luck. Wild symbols, scatters and bonus signs will give you lots of wins. By getting the same wild sign will get a winning coin. Wild which can replace all symbols except scatter.

6 available winning values//Game

Free spins and game levels

To get free spins, gamers can get from the bonus game sign. In addition to free spins, you will also get an unexpected double value in the pay day game. The game jackpot can be obtained from the scatter. The same 10 scatters will give an unexpected jackpot value. The value that can be obtained can reach a bet value of four thousand times the value of the game bet.

High game level amounted to Rtp 95%. The value of the game is low but has been able to give a lot of wins. If gamers get 4 coins the same pay day will cause an unexpected win value. Wild will give an unexpected value if it gets the same sign.

Game bonuses and winning combinations

The presence of bonus games in rounds 2, 3, and 4. The bonus game is a scatter that gives free spins. There are 3 free spin values, which are 10, 15, and 20 free spins. To be able to get free spins, gamers must get the same 3 bonus scatters. As long as it’s still free spins, gamers will get a double symbol value.

Unable to determine free spins. The random nature of free spins will provide many opportunities to win. The type of victory in the form of a combination symbol. Where each combination symbol can give many game wins. If gamers still want to know the symbol value, they can press game info. In the game just above the screen there is a payout value. Each of the values ​​above will give a lot of double values.

The value listed above the game

The 6 values ​​are written with the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. and 10 values. Where each value has a different value. Game symbols in the form of a wild sign, number 7, seven double, seven triple, 7 gesamteinsatz, there are bars, bar2, 3, bells, cherries and bonus games. If gamers want to play casually, you can press the auto button. Pressing the auto button the game screen will rotate automatically. Gamers just have to wait for the value to get from the game automatically.