Impera link snow blast

Impera link snow blast
Impera link snow blast

Impera link snow blast

Impera link snow blast is a new game that is both fun and cool. This time novomatic presents a winter game. In a cold area it gives an extraordinary freezing feeling that makes everything die imperceptibly. In the back theme of the game you will find a beautiful but cold scene that freezes everyone to death.

In the game imper link snow blast will bring the ice princess with you. Participate in showing the beauty and coolness around you. Many types of symbols are ready to accompany you in the game impera link snow blast. On the game screen you will find a 5 reel shape in the game.

Exciting ice world

Warriors-wizards – Enter the game, prepare your heart for the seduction of the ice princess. The princess will seduce you into the world of ice. A world where a beautiful princess lives with a beautiful white color full of snow sprinkled everywhere. It’s amazing not to be able to step into the world of the ice princess and feel the chill there.

But remember not to stay in the ice world for too long because you might not be able to return from your world. In addition to giving victory from the impera link game symbol, snow blast also joins impera link. The presence of impera link will present a progressive jackpot that provides many benefits for you.

big win with ice//cold

The presence of the game jackpot

There are 5 jackpots, one of which has the impera logo. The logo is a sign of the joining of the snow blast and impera games so that those of you who have started playing will find coins spinning in the game reels. The appearance of the jackpot will help you win easily and quickly. Because when the coin is present you will see the numbers on the coin.

This number will be added directly to your score when you successfully activate the jackpot in the impera link snow blast game. The form of the jackpot that gives you a winning value is: mini, grand, minor, major, and the impera logo. Activate the jackpot by getting 6 coins on the game screen. Once active the screen will stop and not play.

The end of the jackpot

The reels will spin again to find coins on the reels. The more coins you get, the higher the chance to win. You will get the opportunity to rotate the screen when you get 1 coin, there are 3 free spins that you can get. The screen will stop spinning when it manages to get full coins on a screen or when the free spins opportunity has run out.

The symbols available in the game are in the form of sweet and delicious fruit shapes such as: oranges, grapes, cherries, lemons, watermelons, and plums. There are more additional symbols in the game such as the ice princess, number 7, bells, stars, blue and red gems. From this symbol, the ice princess becomes a wild sign. A sign that can replace all game symbols except coins.

Every time there is a similar symbol you will see the symbol freeze and explode to form a coin. The cold weather will change and make every symbol that is formed the value explode. The princess who was present would also give a score with a double value every time she got one of a kind. No need to hesitate or be afraid because the cold you get will not stab you or kill you. But when you enter the ice world you can find how amazing the game impera link snow blast is.